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Dreaming provides an authentic and personal compass to the soul’s deepest desires. Dreaming reflects the moving of our greater world. Learning to harness information in our dreams is one of the most powerful skills we can engage to understand and influence every aspect of our lives.

I teach Active Dreaming, a synthesis of modern dreamwork and shamanism created by Robert Moss. Active Dreamers not only use their nocturnal dreams for their daily practice, they also intentionally dream into the dreamspace. Healing, learning, inspiration, adventure, initiation and personal freedom unfold in these endeavors.

Through active dreaming, we find our authentic life stories. We take actions grown from our dreaming. In this way, the plot of our lives grows richer. We find ways to live braver than we imaged ourselves to be.

Methods in active dreaming include :

The Lightning Dreamwork Process, a quick process Robert Moss established that helps people analyze their dreams, tell them and receive other people’s dreams. Always, Active Dreamers respect the dreamer as the authority of their dreams. Feedback is given by taking on the dream as if it were one’s own and by starting, “If this were my dream”. The dreamer then can pick and choose from the community’s responses … or blaze their own path.

Dream Reentry, intentional reentering a dream as if it were a real locale like a room, thus providing a gateway to dream exploration.

Tracking, entering another person’s dreamspace (with the dreamer’s permission) to aid in healing, to support hunting of information, or to find resolution in a matter.

Techniques for conscious dream travel into the multi-dimensional universe.

Shared and Group Dreaming, providing dreaming adventures for mutual validation and evidence of other dimensions and objective reality.

Timefolding, shamanic journeys into our possible future, our past or other lives.

Healing through dreams, such as ... for diagnosis, for self-healing, for a locale’s healing.

Soul Recovery, dreaming to locate lost soul parts which may be lost due to a past trauma, learn what the soul parts need and return the soul parts to the dreamer.

Creative Dreamplay, courting and releasing our artist/writer/inventor/creator to manifest creations.
Active Dream Theater, using dreams as scripts for creative improve and healing.

The Dream Transfer Technique, a powerful method of transferring or growing a dream (or dream imagery) for another person in need of dream.

Midwifing for Death, helping the dying to make their transition, helping the living contend with issues around death, helping the dead with unresolved issues, and working with/learning from those in the afterlife.

Navigating by Synchronicity, reading unusual events and symbols in everyday life like an oracle in order to navigate questions dreamers pose to the universe.

Keeping a dream journal, where one records, analyzes and notes how dreams manifest in waking life is a fundamental practice. I not only keep a dream journal and use dreams to guide my life, I create art and stories from my dreams. I cannot stress how valuable a tool keeping a dream journal is.

Here are but some examples of ways my dreams helped me:

- Thriving in major life crossroads
- Make big (and small) life decisions
- Heal my body
- Manifest a home (for a$1!)
- Create stories and art – that got published!
- Prepare for events before they happen
- Help people ready to transition to the Other Side
- Help the dead give information to the living
- Avoid a car accident
- Dream a logo for my business
- Heal people
- Restore auras of substances
- Learn about my ancestors
- Bring back lost soul parts
- Learn new things (which I validate through research)
- Make deeper authentic relationships

My goal is to help form a dreaming society, a society where people come together to share and use their dreams to live better lives and help our world.I wish to help YOU in YOUR AUTHENTIC QUEST to make YOUR best dreams come true.

If any of the ways I've shared here about how dreams have helped me, or any of these topics intrigue you, I invite you to visit my schedule and  join one of my dreaming workshops .