LINE ...             AND SHAPE         ...               AND COLOR
                                                                                                                  DO MY TALKING.
Creating art informs my dream practice; it helps me to better understand my dreams and make action plans. I find this process also helps me "come home" to myself. I love sharing the dreaming-to-art making process with students. Peruse the images from my journaling and you'll learn how each image arose from a dream and helped my life.

Although I have a masters in a special field study in Shamanism and the Arts, I am furthering art studies by focusing on Bargue drawing and oil painting so I may better share what I experience in dreams.

See my oil painting "By Fireflies Bear Heals Me" on Promethius Dreaming .

" Apple", an oil painting, and " My Left Eye After 1st Surgery", a pastel drawing, were published in Muse Literary Journel's 2018 Winter addition. "Apple" is a study in technique. "My Left Eye After 1st Surgery" documents the physical trauma I underwent undergoing surgery in an attempt to save my vision. By dreaming to my eye and drawing the afteraffects, I was able to heal the soul wounds from that experience. It's profound for a traumatized person to make something beautiful from their wounding. It validates the survivor's experience and helps them embrace greater meaning in the wounding. For those viewing the artwork, they get a glimpse into an aspect of the human condition and appriciate resilience.

Artwork in Shows & Publications

Joy in Her Last Falling Snow
This photo of my now deceased Newfoundland dog, Joy, resting in the last snow in her life ran in MUSED, a BellaOnline Literary Review, in Spring 2018 . Days after her death, Joy then appeared to me and my other Newfoundland dog to show a successful crossing to the Other Side. Since then, Joy has appeared in my dreams and journeys to aid people and animals in their final journeys.

Joy also visited a medium to aid in a spirit crossing and to provide evidence to mr of her performing this job. When this happened, the medium didn't know Joy had been regularly visiting mr to do this work.

Bargue Study

Plate I, 5. Profile of a foot.
​(Pieds de profil.)

Cast Drawing Study
from Michealangelo's David

This photo of an academic Bargue study ran in MUSED, a BellaOnline Literary Review, in Spring 2018 .

The original drawing was included in 2017 Mystic Museum of Art's
Student Show. The cast is shown in this studio photo.

What the Fat Bird Heard
Displayed at the Mystic Museum of Art May - June 3, 2017, this piece was also shown at the Marlborough Arts Center in fall 2015 and ran in The Door Opener Magazine in fall 2015 beside my article on dreaming called Dream Your Birds.

What the Fat Bird Heard depicts birds I met in a dream. Later, the birds returned to me and insisted on being written about. They greatly influenced the content of my article.

I love sharing this unusual  process of allowing dream characters to influence projects. It requires, I think, the desire to take our dream characters seriously and  to trust they know what they speak of.

Bargue Drawing Study
This academic Bargue drawing study was presented in the 2017 Mystic Museum of Art's Student Show.
Cassandra as She Draws
A photograph of me as I drew was the 2017 Mystic Museum of Art's Course Catalog cover image.

Studies &

Still Life In-Progress
A still life project using classical technuqes.

Journal Art

Flying Cat & Two Chicks
This image records a moment in one of my nocturnal dreams.
Five Galloping Deer
A friend asked, "Why aren't you teaching dream work all the time?" and I said, "I'm thinking of doing just that", looked up, and saw five deer galloping on the road before my home. Syncronisity is one method I use to inform life decisions. 
Oil Study

An oil study of an orange.

The Cool Morning Breeze 
Whisks Away Details and Effects
of My Nightmare

People can get stuck by a nightmare. This image shows one way I dealt with a nightmares. Another way I contend with nightmares is to return to the nightmare to interview dream characters and elements in order to learn from and transform the dream.
Oil Study

An oil study of a mango.

The Unexpected Guest
This image records a journey to meet an unexpected guest. Unexpected guests bring us life lessons - sometimes pleasant and sometimes challenging. We don't know what gifts they bring until we interview the guest.
Oil Study

An oil study of a sphere.

Dreams to the Multiverse
A doodle inspired by dreaming to the multiverse to meet concurrent lives. I met fifty-six versions of myself.
Bear Mask
A drawing inspired by a mask shown to me in a dream to unlock my dreaming powers, shown to me by a man in an ancient time.
Dream Ally
A new dream friend who had much to say on the state of affairs in my life. We gain new allys when life provides challenges and requires us to rise up to new abilities in order to overcome them.
Dream Within Dream
Sometimes we dream within dreams, exploring the worlds within worlds. I brought back this image from a dream so that other dreamers may use it as a portal into Other Worlds.
You Can Meet All Kinds of Creatures ...
A doodle inspired by a two-minute journey. Our liner time is not the same as dreaming time. In a second of dreaming time, we can experience a lifetime.
Dreaming of Birch Trees
and the Fox Hidden Within
Sometimes, you want to return to a
place you dreamed. Drawing an image of the location provides a portal for reentry.
Interviewing Dream Characters
After reentering my dream to the Birch trees, I met the Hidden Fox and interviewed her. Turned out, Fox was pregnant with many projects.
Gas Up
A pastel drawing based on my dream to my heal fatigue.