Cassandra Hamilton
Art is an important element of Cassandra's dream practice. She creates dream images to better understand dream messages. Dream images then, sometimes, influence her writing. She loves sharing this process with students.

In 2017, she returned to study classical drawing. What started as a desire to better record what she sees in dreams ignited a passion for the process of creating images.
Joy in Her Last Falling Snow
This photo of  Joy in the the last snow in her life ran in MUSED, a BellaOnline Literary Review, in Spring 2018 . Days after her death, Joy then appeared to Cassandra and her other Newfoundland dog to show a successful crossing to the Other Side. Since then, Joy has appeared in Cassandra's dreams and journeys to aid people and animals in their final journeys.

Joy also visited a medium to aid in a spirit crossing and to provide evidence to Cassandra of her performing this job. When this happened, the medium didn't know Joy had been regularly visiting Cassandra to do this work.

Cast Drawing Study
from Michealangelo's David

A photo of an academic Bargue study ran in MUSED, a BellaOnline Literary Review, in Spring 2018 .

The original drawing was included in the 2017 Mystic Museum of Art's
Student Show.

The Cast the drawing inspired is
shown in this studio photo.
Bargue Drawing Study
This academic Bargue drawing study was presented in the 2017 Mystic Museum of Art's Student Show.
What the Fat Bird Heard
Displayed at the Mystic Museum of Art May - June 3, 2017, this piece was also shown at the Marlborough Arts Center in fall 2015 and ran in The Door Opener Magazine in fall 2015 beside Cassandra's article on dreaming called Dream Your Birds.

What the Fat Bird Heard depicts birds Cassandra met in a dream. Later, the birds returned to her and insisted on being written about and greatly influenced the content of her article.

Cassandra loves sharing this unusual  process of allowing dream characters to influence projects. It requires, she insists, the desire to take our dream characters seriously and  to trust they know what they speak of.
Still Life In-Progress
A still life project using classical technuqes.
Flying Cat & Two Chicks
This image records a moment in one of Cassandra's nocturnal
dreams. This type of dream
record keeping is just one of her
shamanic practices.
Peacock, Cozy Chair &
Hot Coffee
A doodle inspired by cozy mystery novella written by Lisa Shea.
Photographed as She Draws
A photograph of Cassandra while she drew was the 2017 Mystic Museum of Art's Course Catalog cover image.