living proof dreaming works.

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I am a disabled artist/writer who lives life and creates from dreams. I teach Active Dreaming (a synthesis of dreamwork and shamanism), theater, writing and art using my over twenty-five years of experience. My  events include live and online workshops.

If you face a major crossroads, I help as one who's "been there" to help you manifest your authentic change.

I'm living proof dreaming and macrobiotics heal. (Read my story is below.)

For any life situation you face, I teach dreaming skills. You apply these skills to reap personal, tailored actions for your situation.

What kind of sitations do I mean? All kinds, like: money problems, help finding a mate, relationship issues, mourning loss of a loved one or pet, trouble making future plans, finding the right home, needing inspiration to creative projects, seeking a larger, richer sense of self, inquiry into the nature of the multiverse, reconnection to your ancestors, help with dying, death and the dead, ways heal the planet, and literally any situation you can imagine. Dreaming is practical, inspirational, healing, informative and guiding. I help you learn dreaming skills to find your truths no matter your religious or spiritual path.

I learned from shamans influenced by their culture and also shamans that practice devoid of cultural influence. In the early 90's during a medicine wheel ceremoy, Hyemehosts Storm named me a Thunder Being, One Who Reminds People Why They Are Here. I then prayed and dreamed with a wheel stone for a year and set it in a California sacred site to propetuate the healing of the wheel in the US.

In 1998, my mentor, Albert “Little Turtle” Dugas, gifted me his medicine bundle. I uphold Al's work as promised and continue in my way - as he insisted.

Years later, another shaman called forth my name in a previous life,
One Who Sees Far, by describing images I had not shared of my dreams of that life.

In 2017, I completed Robert Moss's
Active Dream Teacher Training Programs Level 1, 2 and 3 and became a dream ambassador.

My Master's is a Special Field Study in Shamanism in the Arts
from Wesleyan University. The theatrical edge to my work is influenced by my BFA in Drama: Production/Directing from Carnegie Mellon. Currently I am futher studying Bargue drawing and painting to more clearly depict information I receive from dreams.

Living Proof: Macrobiotcs and Shamanism Heal

On my 28th birthday in 1998, I was diagnosed with a rapidly-spreading eye disease of unknown cause that had less than 100 case studies in the world. Minutes after diagnosis, I had surgery to contain the disease and lost partial vision in one eye. Weeks later, the disease spread. A second surgery took the eye’s central vision. Days later, the disease attacked the other eye. My surgeon told me to enjoy my last seeing holidays.

After Christmas, my surgeon got an idea to try prednisone to calm the disease. Surprisingly, it worked. But at lower dose the disease activated. So for five and a half years, I took high-dose prednisone and struggled with its side-effects. I saw many ophthalmological and medical specialists without finding new information about the illness. My health deteriorated to the point three specialists in separate medical practices thought I'd soon die.

With nothing to lose, I followed advice to see a Naturopath that did Nambrudapad's Allergy Elimination Technique. The first treatment gave me minor relief. So over the next year, I had treatments, sometimes as many as five a week. My  health gradually improved. Yet, I still needed high-dose prednisone to stabilize my eyes.

Then came the day the veins in my eyes bled. My surgeon wanted to start chemotherapy. I doubted my weak body could endure it. My Naturopath didn't have other treatments to offer. It looked like I’d run out of options.

A friend suggested Macrobiotics. I doubted food could heal my problem, but I didn’t have anything to lose. The next day, I met with Michio Kushi who in the 1950's, helped introduce modern macrobiotics in the United States and in 1999, had a permanent collection on macrobiotics and alternative healthcare opened in his name at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History. Michio gave me a tailored macrobiotic diet. In days, my health radically improved. Months later, I weaned to low-dose prednisone. 

Yet the disease activated without the drug. Fortunately, as I continued my macrobioti diet, I read Lewis Mehl Madrona’s books. Lewis has multiple medical degrees and saw medically unexplainable shamanic healings while living on a reservation. His work focused on using the best of both methods. I decided to seek his help.

In a workshop with over fifty people, Lewis guided me on a shamanic journey to meet and talk with my disease. I described these events as I journeyed so workshop attendees could understand what I experienced. In that one journey, I earned why the disease came to me, thanked it for coming, promised it I would do what it did for me for myself, and told it leave. From then on, I no longer needed medicine for this disease. I see.

Twenty years after diagnosis, my disease still renders suffers low vision or blind. My fight is documented by Retina Specialists. ​ 

Unrealted Multiple Sclerosis

A few years after healing my eyes, I was diagnosed with unrelated Multiple Sclerosis. I have literally been paralyzed over a dozen times. The worse stint consisted of paralysis of both legs and my left arm. I have used off-label, "black box" western medicine, acupuncture, phsycial therapy and dreaming to address my MS.

In 2015, instructed by a child I met in a shamanic journey, I began drawing again. Following this charge greatly and favorably impacted my health. By June 2018, I stopped using MS medication. I attribute my dreaming and drawing as influences upon my improvement. A recent study published that 45 minutes of creating art greatly reduces cortisol levels. This may be one scientific contibuting factor as to why dreaming and creating art favorably impacts my health.